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Advertise, find and move-in your new tenant with ease

Manage your let with us for total peace of mind

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Hello Neighbour began as a chat between brothers over the garden fence. Together, Rich and Mike combined their business sense and tech know-how, to put our foundations in place. They've since been joined by a smart and talented team of property and technology experts, all of whom share our mission – to change lettings for good.

Hello Neighbour-Team

Executive team

Co-Founder & CEO
Richard Jenkins

Driving Hello Neighbour's commercial success, Rich takes responsibility for funding, finance and spends his time building our fantastic team.

Rich is taller than you might expect. He's the type of neighbour you'd recognise from a distance.

Co-Founder & CTO
Mike Jenkins

Mike loves technology. He leads the product design and development for Hello Neighbour and manages our super smart tech team.

Mike’s the kind of neighbour you’d invite round to sort out your internet connection.

Non-Executive Chairman
Phil Shelley

Phil is Non-Executive Chairman of Hello Neighbour’s Board. He brings a great deal of board, financial and property experience to the role as the Board supports and challenges Richard and the team. 

Phil is the kind of neighbour who listens, advises, and then helps get the job done. 

Non-Executive Director
Rob Nichols

Rob is a Non-Executive Director and Board Member bringing a wealth of knowledge from 20+ years of property industry experience and scaling businesses.

As a neighbour, Rob would happily mow your lawn, water your plants and feed your animals if you are away.

Head of Product
Claire Wallis

Claire heads up the product development for our awesome online portals. She enjoys learning what will delight our customers and helping our tech team make it happen.

If the invitation is there, Claire's the first neighbour to pop over for a glass of wine.

Head of HR
Tamara Jenkins

Tamara leads our people strategy. She loves seeing our team succeed and does everything she can to support this.

If you're Tamara's neighbour, she'll bring over soup when you're unwell and wine and chocolate when you feel a little better.


Management team

Tech Lead
Vivek Bhimma

With a passion for software architecture and design, Vivek plays a key role in building and scaling up the Hello Neighbour platform. 

Vivek's the kind of neighbour who will always make himself available, if you ever need a helping hand.

Manager, Viewings Team
Melissa Burrows

Melissa manages the Hello Neighbour viewings team. She will do anything to ensure we have our best agents representing the properties and meeting the applicants.

Melissa also loves pets and will always make herself available for a dog walk in her local neighbourhood.

Manager, Business Development
Greg Elliot

Heading up the Business Development team, Greg particularly enjoys informing landlords about our fair and cost effective approach to lettings.

Greg's the sort of neighbour that will always remember your birthday.

Team Lead, Welcome Team
Tezna Hayward

Tezna leads our welcome team and helps oversee our viewing agent and customer success team. She makes sure our frontline team provides the best customer experience possible.

Tezna's the type of neighbour that can be counted on to lend a hand whenever needed.

Tech Lead
Ievgen Karelin

Ievgen's early involvement with Hello Neighbour and move to a tech lead role made him a critical part of the team's success.

As a neighbour, Ievgen can always be counted on for a good laugh and a positive attitude.

Manager, Customer Success
Javier Stout

Javi doesn’t like to be called Javier, as this is used by his mother when she is angry. He manages the Customer Success department making sure all the properties end up with the right tenants.

Javi is the kind of neighbour that would drop everything to walk your dogs.


Meet the neighbours

Property Manager

Junior Akinfenwa

Business Development

Sam Allum

Customer Success

Victoria Berry

Property Manager

Sophie Bray

Business Development

Carlo Cencherle

Senior Data Engineer

Akash Chauhan

Customer Success


Property Manager

Veronica Franks

Customer Success

Isabella Frost

Customer Success

Rebecca Lancelot

Property Manager

Josh Michels

Property Manager

Shine Pink

Customer Success


Customer Success

Lauren Rouse

Property Administrator

Kopal Shah

Customer Success

Jade Smith

Property Manager

Aurelia Tolos