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Advertise, find and move-in your new tenant with ease

Manage your let with us for total peace of mind

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A large percentage of maintenance issues we see in our managed properties come from issues with boilers. 

To ensure that your boiler is running smoothly it's sensible to have an annual service. 

Our experience says it will more than pay for itself in reduced maintenance costs. 

We have negotiated a price of £138 from the preferred partners we use on our own managed properties. 

Boiler Service




Group 1601


Regular boiler servicing is key to ensuring your boiler runs smoothly and avoids unexpected issues – especially when you start to feel the chill. We recommend an annual boiler service to keep your system in tip-top shape. A regular service will also stop you having to splash out the cash on emergency fixes further down the line.

All of our boiler services are carried out by Gas Safe registered experts – registered and trusted qualified professionals dedicated to managing all aspects of your boiler maintenance, prioritising your safety.

Here's what our detailed boiler service entails:

Gas Safe expertise
All our engineers are Gas Safe certified, registered and trusted qualified experts who manage all aspects of your boiler maintenance. Your safety is their priority.

Visual inspection
Our service involves a meticulous visual assessment of the installation and positioning of your boiler and pipework to identify any potential concerns to be resolved. Your service will begin with a visual check to ensure that your boiler and pipework are installed and positioned properly.

Operational checks
We conduct a thorough examination to inspect the full operational capacity of your boiler. Should any issues arise, we will promptly inform you for a clear and open discussion of the potential solutions. Then, we'll check that it's fully operational, and we'll notify you if there are any initial problems.

Component inspection
The casing of your boiler will be expertly removed for an in-depth inspection of the components. This helps ensure the optimal functioning of every part, for when you need them most. Finally, we'll make sure that your boiler is working safely and running efficiently. We'll give the components inside a proper clean too.

Our award-winning property management team works with trusted local Gas Safe registered engineers, leaving it to them to keep things ticking along smoothly.