Hello Neighbour is delighted to partner with KeyNest for secure key management.

If you’re new to the world of lettings, ‘key management’ might be a new term for you so here’s a quick explainer – it simply describes the management of property keys, away from the actual property.

Basic key management tools and services like lockboxes became more common when AirBnB took off, then again during lockdown when social distancing rules came into place. Today, a reliable key management service is an essential part of safe and secure lettings.

So what is KeyNest?

KeyNest is a global network of key exchange points, specifically designed to streamline key management for property owners, property managers, and hosts. With over 5,000 Points available, KeyNest facilitates the secure storage and remote exchange of property keys. KeyNest Points are typically located in 24/7 convenience stores, cafes, and hotels within major cities.

Users can conveniently deposit their keys at any KeyNest Point strategically located near their property. The process of key collection is straightforward: guests, cleaners, or contractors receive the Point location details and a secure 6-digit collection code via email or SMS. They then retrieve the key from the Point’s staff, while the key owner receives email notifications about the key movement.

KeyNest is also used for secure emergency key storage – a key can be safely stored long-term in a local Point and retrieved when needed.

Hello Neighbour and KeyNest - the perfect pairing

At Hello Neighbour we do things differently. We aren’t a traditional high street letting agent, and we aren’t solely online either. Combining technology with first-rate customer service, we offer lettings and property management services for the internet age. And it’s because we don’t have to account for the overheads of a string of local offices, (we operate from a central HQ in South London), Hello Neighbour’s powered by tech, driven by people approach means we can offer valuable and cost-effective service to landlords.

But our set up means it’s not practical to store all of our landlords’ keys securely in one central location. It just isn’t efficient to always ask our viewing agents, contractors and tradespeople to travel to us to collect keys, especially in emergency situations. And it’s something we see our high street competitors struggle with too, (no one’s office is conveniently located for every landlord!). Which is where KeyNest comes in.

KeyNest’s vast network means we have access to a secure Point within 5 minutes of every property we look after. And for peace of mind, every key has a full audit trail and is anonymously security coded, so no external party will ever know which key is for which address.

Their points are also open outside of office hours and at weekends. This means easy, quick access for viewing agents, contractors and even for tenants – let’s face it, we’ve all locked ourselves out at least once and who doesn’t want to avoid emergency locksmith fees if they can?

Why we should all use a professional key management service

According to KeyNest’s proprietary data, a landlord in London spends an average of
80 minutes to deliver keys to a tenant or let a contractor in. Doing it in person requires time and the cost of commuting, and then spending time on-site - sometimes unexpectedly extended, especially during surveyor or contractor visits.

Using lockboxes doesn’t solve the problem. With more and more councils and cities banning lockboxes in public spaces, landlords’ risk paying a fine for installing one outside the property. (These little key safes are also infamous for being extremely easy to break into too).

A landlord's responsibility is to ensure their property, whether tenanted or void, is safe but also easily accessible to designated contractors, property managers, and photographers. Balancing safety with accessibility and granting remote access to the property is a true art in hospitality.



Managing our keys effectively and safely across a wide geographical area has been essential to our business model since the beginning. At the start of our journey, I was disheartened after looking at options like electronic locks or lockboxes. Then I called KeyNest. We came to a solution that worked perfectly and allowed our business model to thrive. Today, I don't want any keys in our office, they must all be kept safely in a KeyNest, ready to be utilised whenever needed by our tradesmen.

Richard Jenkins, Co-Founder & CEO, Hello Neighbour

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