Demand is lower across all property types / number of bedrooms, however 3 and 4 bedroom rental properties are receiving the fewest amount of viewing enquiries.

Despite a slow down in overall viewing requests, Greater London areas such as Redbridge, Newham and Romford remain consistently popular areas to look for a new rental property.
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The Times1 recently reported that landlords have become increasingly upset by letting agent fees that “fluctuate wildly without obvious justification”.

Landlords interviewed by The Times felt that estate agents that offered letting services: “often charged [fees] continuously throughout a tenancy even though an agency does nothing other than find the tenant at the start.”

Now, we've run the numbers, and remonstrations about unfair tenancy renewal fees are completely justified.

London landlords alone, are handing over £1bn a year in renewal fees, simply because their tenants have decided to stay in their home for another year.

There are over one million2 rental properties in London. Approximately 760,0003 of those properties are let through high street agents. With the average tenant in London staying in a rental property for two years4, landlords are currently paying renewal fees on 380,000 properties each year. While renewal fees vary, the average is approximately 8.5% incl. VAT, meaning that for an average London rent of £2,5005 a month, landlords are handing over an additional £2,550 to letting agents for their current tenants to simply renew - literally money for nothing. And that is just for the 2nd year. If a landlord is lucky enough to keep the tenant for a 3rd year, the cost just keeps adding up.

In the intervening renewal years, I get charged for them doing absolutely nothing. It’s akin to an estate agent selling your house for you for [a commission of] 1.5% and then coming back to you a year later and saying there’s anotherhalf a percent fee for that buyer we got you ages ago. It just doesn’t make any sense.

Suzanne Lugthart, Landlord


With over 500 signatures to date, Hello Neighbour are encouraging UK landlords, to sign up to a petition to Stop Renewal Fees with the aim of stimulating a national conversation about unfair fees in the lettings sector.



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