Effective rental property management involves: collecting rent; coordinating and supervising maintenance and repairs; property visits; renewals and yearly rent reviews; move-ins and check-outs and a whole lot more. While our technology makes the letting process as simple as it can be, it's easy to underestimate the value that our people – Hello Neighbour property managers – bring to a landlord's lettings experience.

From helping to find tenants, assisting in drafting tenancy agreements to negotiating rental prices and keeping your property in tip-top condition – our property managers help transform the lettings process from time-consuming to hassle-free.


Hello Neighbour are really considerate, efficient and effective... We would recommend to those looking for a much more ethical agency than what is now accepted as standard.

Emily, Landlord - Trustpilot Review

So, we thought you might like to take a closer look at the benefits of letting your property with Hello Neighbour, and experiencing our unique combination of lettings technology and expert support.


Finding the right tenants

Alongside our technology, Hello Neighbour property managers can assist in the marketing of your property.

Good quality photographs, floor plans and clear and compelling descriptions, will make certain your property stands out from the crowd. And one of our property management team can be on hand to help you navigate our suite of marketing tools, to maximum effect.

Speed and reach go a long way toward ensuring rapid occupancy and finding a good tenant. And because we know that void periods are bad news for every landlord, our property management team will also be able to assist with finding a perfect tenant, who can move into your property at the earliest date. 

If a Hello Neighbour property manager thinks that your rental property requires a facelift, they will suggest relevant enhancements that may be made to increase its appeal. What’s more they can connect you with one of our accredited contractors to carry out any works quickly and efficiently. 

Every one of our property managers takes tenant screening seriously. Nobody wants the right type of offer, from the wrong type of tenant. And handling numerous tenancies every day, means that our property managers are experienced in the referencing and credit checking process. Which means, when you let with Hello Neighbour, you’ll have the best chance of renting to a dependable and responsible tenant. People who live in and take good care of your home are not only better for, they also reflect positively on a property manager too – so it is vitally important to both you and us.

Happy tenants make happy homes

Our property managers will also assist you in finding tenants who are more likely to stay. So, you can say goodbye to void periods and reduce the cost of finding new tenants. 

Since the tenant fee ban came into force (on 1st June 2019), all the costs associated with the start and end of a tenancy (such as tenant referencing, right to rent checks, contracts, inventory checks) have been a requirement at a landlord’s expense. Therefore, if your tenants don’t want to stay long, it can be costly and eat into your return on investment. The good news is our property managers have the time and skill to manage vacancies and to keep your property in good condition, so that your property’s occupancy rate will be consistently higher. 

What if things go wrong?

There have been constant revisions to current legislation in addition to the introduction of new legal provisions for landlords, and more are anticipated. From Right to Rent Checks and the Homes Act to Serving a Section 21 notice, staying on top of legislative changes can be incredibly time-consuming. It’s little wonder that many landlords that let with us, hugely appreciate the compliance updates they receive from their trusted Hello Neighbour property manager. 

Our property managers are highly qualified and dedicated to keeping you – their client – informed of any changes as they happen. They will make certain that you fulfil all of the legal requirements outlined in your tenancy agreements and that you are always in compliance with the law. 

Before a property can be legally rented, it must comply with essential safety and regulatory criteria, such as:

  • Gas safety inspections
  • Electrical inspections (EICR)
  • Energy performance certifications (EPC)
  • Legionella risk assessments
  • Housing Health and Safety Rating (HHSRS)
  • Carbon monoxide detector standards
  • Smoke/heat detectors standards

Our property managers can provide you guidance on all current safety laws and will assist you in scheduling the necessary inspections, so that your property is fully compliant and safe. In addition, they can help by coordinating the work required to remedy any issues in a timely manner.

Your finances


Firstly, landlords can deduct expenses associated with the operation and maintenance of their rental property from their tax liability. The following are some instances of deductible expenses (list not exhaustive):

  • Costs of Letting and Property Management
  • Maintenance & Repairs
  • Gas & Electrical Safety Certificates
  • Buildings (and Contents) Insurance
  • Rent Guarantee & Legal Expenses Insurance
  • Ground Rent & Service Charges (if leasehold)
  • Traveling expenses
  • Administration costs
  • Accountancy fees
  • Council tax, water rates (if payable by the landlord)
  • Services & maintenance for communal areas (e.g., Estate Charges)
  • Licence fees for HMOs (if applicable)


It is important to get the best and appropriate rental price for your property, and our experienced property managers together with our valuation tools, enable you to price any new listings.

Our property managers will help ensure that any missed payments or arrears are monitored and quickly acted upon. In an ideal world, your rent would be paid on time and in full, but sometimes tenants encounter issues that result in late or partial payments. Of course, Hello Neighbour property managers are here to assist with any rent disputes that may arise. In addition, we can provide support and advice if a tenant suddenly becomes unable to pay their rent. 

Every property manager at Hello Neighbour understands that continuous rent collection is an important part of a smooth letting experience with us. We employ dedicated bookkeeping and accounting personnel to make sure that landlord accounts are reconciled. And we offer tools to manage your accounts, payables, receivables, and any tenant service concerns – which your property manager can assist you with. Better still, your tenants will also have access to our services too – enabling them to view their billing history, make additional payments and submit service requests.

Reviews and lease renewals

Reviews and renewals require experienced assistance and timely advice to prevent disputes and to guarantee that you are receiving the best attainable terms at crucial moments in the negotiation process. The Hello Neighbour property management can cover these services on your behalf, so you can avoid paying for additional professional advice (and potential claims), as we help you manage any necessary work in advance of renewal or review deadlines.


Managing your lettings property

Relationships matter

Maintaining a good relationship with your tenant/s, partly depends on responding promptly to any issues or concerns they may have. Hello Neighbour property managers evaluate any serious tenant maintenance requests quickly, to determine if and when repairs are necessary. They can quickly dispatch our qualified maintenance contractors to your property whenever needed too. While this kind of support might seem small at first – not being distracted from your everyday responsibilities, and maintaining a positive relationship with your tenants can prove to be a huge weight off your shoulders. 


Regular inspections conducted by one of our property managers will also guarantee that the tenancy continues in a correct manner, and that your property is being treated well. 

Interim property visits allow for the face-to-face and efficient resolution of any issues that may arise. Our property managers know exactly what to look for, and report any issues deemed necessary. 

Should a problem emerge, such as a malfunctioning heating system or a burst pipe, it is important that you respond immediately. If you’re busy, working, or on holiday, it may be difficult for you to manage the problem there and then. Rest assured, one of our trusted property managers will always be there, no matter where you are.

Finally, when your tenant/s do decide to vacate your property, your Hello Neighbour property manager can oversee the moving-out procedure – making sure that everything runs smoothly and that your lettings property is in a perfect condition for your next tenant/s to move-in.