Landlords and tenants that join Hello Neighbour can’t help but tell us how happy they are to have made the move from their previous agency. So long to prohibitively high costs, pushy salespeople and poor service and hello to our fair and friendly approach. Many of our clients aren’t just delighted to have switched to us, they’re often relieved too.

 Hello Neighbour have been excellent
from start to finish. They are friendly, professional, and extremely responsive whilst their fees are very reasonable. They can do everything my previous agent was doing, but better! 

Anna Townsend, Landlord, Trustpilot review, October 2022

Unfortunately, recent research by the Financial Times reports that in a survey of 1,000 tenants in England, 17% of their landlords blamed their letting agent for passing on unaffordable rent increases. They go on to call out traditional high street agents as one of the principle causes of high costs throughout the industry.
Financial Times, December 2022

Hello Neighbour was created to address this head-on. As our tagline says - we’re here to change lettings for good. There is another way.


Our pricing is affordable and completely transparent - what you see is
 literally what you get. We use innovative, easy to use technology to streamline our services and keep landlords and tenants in the loop at all times. And, perhaps most importantly, we offer a friendly and supportive service – which is why our clients recommend us almost as much as our sales team!


We have just come to the end of our first year with Hello Neighbour. Their service has been excellent, problems dealt with pragmatically, communication has been good and our tenants speak highly of them.

Roger Coleman, Landlord, Trustpilot review, March 2023